Signatures (Basic): How to View & Cancel E-Signature Requests

How do you check whether your clients have e-signed the documents you’ve sent them? Need to cancel an e-signature request? Find out all you need to know about getting your docs e-signed!

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Managing E-Signatures

1. To quickly find one or all documents awaiting e-signature:

  • Go to the Documents page to search for docs that have undergone some kind of action (uploaded, edited, linked to a bill, etc.) in the last 30 days.
  • Go to Documents, then to Docs, then select the client to search all their documents.
  • Or go to a specific account’s Docs tab to search all its documents. 

2. Click Filter in the upper-right corner and narrow the list of documents you’re looking for by selecting one or more filters in the Signatures section.

  • All shows documents with requested e-signatures.
  • Signed shows documents that have been e-signed by all users of the account.
  • Partially Signed shows documents that at least one account user e-signed.
  • Pending Signature shows documents awaiting e-signature from all account users.
  • Prepared for Signature shows documents pending e-signature not yet sent out.
  • Opted Out shows documents that users declined to e-sign.
  • Pending KBA shows documents with KBA requests awaiting to be e-signed by at least one account user.
  • KBA Failed shows documents with at least one account user who failed the KBA and/or users who declined to e-sign.
  • Signature Voided shows documents that were signed offline and voided by a firm owner or team member with access rights to manage documents.

3. Click APPLY to see the narrowed-down list.

To see a list of all documents with e-signature requests or ones prepared for e-signature, go to Docs in the client account, then to Signatures.

The following information is available here:

  • NAME: Click on the document’s name to view and download it.


    • Signed: The document has been e-signed by all account users.
    • Requested: The document was sent to the client but hasn’t been e-signed by all account users.
    • Declined Signature: The client declined to e-sign the document.
    • Voided: The document was signed offline and voided by the firm owner or team member with access rights to manage documents.
  • DATE UPLOADED shows when the document was uploaded to TaxDome.

  • DATE REQUESTED shows when the document was sent to the client to be e-signed.

  • DATE SIGNED shows when the document was e-signed by the client.

You can sort documents by name, date uploaded, date requested or date they were e-signed. Click the up-down arrow next to the header name of the column you want to sort.

Seeing Who Has E-Signed a Document or Declined to

When a client e-signs or declines to e-sign a doc, or fails the KBA, the document is moved to the top of the Recent list on the Documents page. You also receive an email about it and get a notification in your Inbox+. Click on the document or Go to... to review the e-signature status.

If an e-signature was requested from a married couple, you’ll see who has signed. If one of the users fails the KBA, or declines to e-sign, upload the prepared document and request an e-signature again. 

If you want to check a document’s e-signature status, go to the Documents page, then check the Status column. To learn more about document statuses, go here.

The document’s audit trail shows whether a client provided an e-signature and passed or failed the KBA.

Viewing Accounts With Documents Pending E-Signatures

You can find out which documents still need to be e-signed by going to your Accounts list.

To filter the Accounts list to see the documents still missing e-signatures:

1. Go to Clients, then click FILTER.

2. Select Pending Signature in the Signatures section, then click APPLY.

You’ll then see a list of those accounts.

This could also be done from the Recent tab on the Documents page.

Voiding E-Signatures 

You might run into a situation that requires you to cancel an e-signature request. For example, you’ve requested e-signatures from a couple, then one of the spouses drops by your office to sign. To void an e-signature request, follow these steps: 

Click the three dots to the far right of the document’s name, then select Void from the pull-down. You’ll be prompted to specify the reason for voiding. Toggle off Notify client if you don’t want to send a notification. Then click Void.

To see all documents with voided e-signature requests:

While viewing documents, click Filter, select Voided, then click Apply.

Canceling E-Signature Requests

If you mistakenly sent an e-signature request, you can cancel it—but do it quickly! It works only if it is still in Requested status and no one has e-signed yet. If the document has been e-signed by one of the clients, use Void instead.

Click on the three dots to the far right of the document’s name, then click Cancel Signature Request in the pull-down.

Once a client has e-signed, you cannot cancel a request; the Cancel Signature Request feature is only available for documents that have 0 in the status counter.

To see all documents that are pending e-signature:

While viewing documents, click on Filter, select Pending Signature, then click Apply.

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