Automation Examples (Basic): Sending Email


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Let your pipeline do the work for you: Automate your email. To keep your clients in the know, send automatic, personalized emails to clients at different stages of your pipelines, such as “Dear Lisa: Your return is being prepared“ or “Dear Bart: Your return is being reviewed!“ 

Adding an Automation

First, you'll need an email template. (For detailed instructions, go to Custom Email Templates.)

Once you have the email template ready:

1. Go to Settings, select Pipelines, then click on the pipeline name or the CREATE PIPELINE button.

2. Choose the stage, click + Add automation, then select Send Email in the pull-down menu.

3. Select the template for the Send Email automation.

4. Click  SAVE. Once the automaton is added, you can see it by going to the pipeline page and clicking the automation icon above the stage.

When a job moves to a stage in the pipeline with a Send Email automation, a notification with the automation appears. 

If you don’t want an automatic email to be sent, deselect the automation, then click MOVE.

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