CRM (Basic): Add Contacts

Contacts are the actual people you interact with during your work hours. Our  Contacts feature is where you store all their personal details. The email addresses listed there allow clients to have portal access to TaxDome (without an email in Contacts, clients cannot log on). Plus, you can use Contacts to store the details of coworkers, prospective clients, partners, and clients’ family members.

New contacts can be added to TaxDome by a firm owner, Admin, or any employee who has been given access rights to manage contacts.

Here are three different ways to do it:

Add Contacts by Using the + NEW Button

This option lets you add one contact at a time, which is helpful for adding prospective clients or someone you’ll need to be in touch with.

1. Click on the + NEW button in the left sidebar menu, then select Contact from the pull-down.

2. Enter the person’s first and last name.

3. That’s it! Click Create to save the contact.

Read about all contact creation features in detail:

1. Contact info. Entering clients’ personal details ensure that you will have their details at hand, such personal details, phone number, and street address. 

2. Email: Email address is necessary for clients to log in to their portal. If a client does not have one, they won’t be able to access their TaxDome account. Add more email fields if needed: Go to custom CRM fields to learn how.

3. Custom Fields: If you have created custom fields for your contacts, they’re displayed here. To learn how to add your own custom CRM fields, go here.

4. Tags: Assign tags to help organize your contacts (learn more about tags here).

5. Linked Accounts. To save time, you may link account(s) to your new contact just in place. Click the dropdown then select the existing account.

6. Create: Click here to save your contact.

Add Contacts by Importing a Contacts List

To learn how, go to Contacts Import From Email Applications.

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